Monday, February 9, 2009

Forever & Ever (Dulu, Kini & Selamanya) Man Utd

Phenomenal, fantastico, marvelous & the greatest performance & achievement on the earth, this is how i described Man Utd performance this season & rest assured this is Man Utd is all about.

1. Spirit of the champion - Not many team / club in the world capable to bounce back from poor starting and hell down to 15th to 20th position than climb up & up until lead the league table than firmly crown as the champion by the end of the season. Man Utd not only did once however twice already.

2. Strong mentality & "Never Say Died Attitude" - Man Utd is a kind of team which doesn't care if their opponents lead 1-0, for hundred of times we seen easily they level the score & the wonderful part is at the end of 90th minutes we seen the score sheet 1-2 or 1-3. Man Utd wining momentum sometimes can be dangerous for "Hard Attack" patient cause for hundred of times they score the wining goal during the 89th or 90th minutes. The reality Man Utd gunned down Bayern Munich in the extra times during the champion league cannot be written off.

3. Crown jewel & third generation football superstar - With the injection of paze, skills & maturity of professional footballer from the young players likes Rafael Da Silva, Johhny Evans & Zoran Tosic Man Utd is seen to continuously & repeatedly dominate the european football competition.

4. Future deadly combination - As a serious warning to all the football supporters in the world don't be suprise & don't blame Man Utd is cruel if the deadly combination of Zoran Tosic on the left, Cristano Ronaldo on the right, Owen Hargreaves in the center of midfield & Rooney, Tevez & Berbatov in the attacking lines up dominate every game & score & score & score goals.

5. Future transfer target - The deadly combination of Man Utd will becoming the unstoppable combination with the injection of players likes Frank Ribbery , Lionel Messi & Karim Benzama. It is not impossible for Ferguson to inject these player into Man Utd & if that really happen I suggest to all Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea,Real Madrid, JUventus, AC Milan etc. fans in Malaysia just switch off the TV & sit back in your room perhaps takes some "grass" because your favourite team can't win cup any more.

6. Old but powerful "Trojan Horse" - Its amazing to see & visualize players likes Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes & Gary Nevile in action. No doubt the passed the age of 33 years old but their performance & determination to chased & kick the ball sometimes ever better than 23 or 25 years old player. Giggs scored a wonderful goal against West Ham last week.

7. The goal & scoring touch from all round the pitch - Extraordinary special about Man Utd is the first eleven team has the ability to produce goal & scoring touch, its really cool when you haved attacking minded defenders likes Evra & Vidic, goal scoring touch midfielders likes Scholes, Carrick, Anderson & Hargreaves and most importantly the deadly predators likes Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez & Berbatov will always make sure the important goals will be score from different channel & all around the pitch.

8. Best of best predators in box - By tradition Man Utd always remembered due to the best predators in the box & hall of fame legend strikers likes Dennis Law, George Best, Eric Cantona etc. Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez & Berbatov proved how dangerous they are when they dribbled, through ball, 1-2 short passed inside the penalty box, rest assured a spectucular goal will be score & even a magnificent goal of the season when these predators around your penalty box.

"Pesanan Keramat" to all of Man Utd title contenders:

1. Liverpool - Definitely you will walk alone shadows by the hell in the cell

2. Chelsea - Hilarious & the jokers team of all season

3. Arsenal - Please used the real gun to gunned down Man Utd, (Guna pistol air tak cukup power beb)

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