Sunday, May 17, 2009


The introduction of the new economic policy (NEP) plus with some additional government support & agenda such as 30% bumiputera stake of equity, government central contract, umbrella contractor concept as well as 10% weighted in tender evaluation if registered as bumiputera status with MOF positively produced some remarkable Malay corporate tycoon, Malay corporate conglomerate with the vision to strengthen & championing the Malay business community network.
Off course the basic fundamental in business community network consists of remarkable corporate tycoon group, outstanding corporate conglomerate group, entrepreneur at the stage of business expansion as well as Malay entrepreneur at the start-up level. In this modern competitive business day and in the era only “best of the best in the competitive business practice” survive, in addition with the global economic & financial crisis the golden question is how strong does the dominant Malay business community channel out the support especially to the Malay entrepreneur at the stage of business expansion as well as Malay entrepreneur at the start-up level when they are down & in tears?
Specifically in this humble & down to earth opinion I do not want to blame neither pointing my 4 letter word to the government because sincerely I strongly belief the government with some additional support & agenda as the above mentioned statement has done what it has to undertake, now the mission critical action plan & way forward is has the bumiputera business community network done & undertake their part? Towards my 10 over invaluable years experienced in this modern competitive business community market I come across a lot hands-on experience and situation whereby it’s very2 tough & difficult for Malay entrepreneur at the stage of business expansion as well as Malay entrepreneur at the start-up level getting some small tiny favor from what we considered as the Malay “Big Boys” group. Pathetic excuses such as the company is not well known enough, financially the company is not strong enough, the company is lacking off with financial institution corporate facilities & the company financial and account statement is not up to mark! What’s the bloody fucking hell of all the entire pathetic excuses meant?

I strongly belief some of the “big fucking bustard” which simply throw the pathetic excuses at a certain point they are just powerless and came from the Malay entrepreneur at the start-up level group as well however with the benefit from additional government support & agenda they are as what we seen them today. If this is the case study what the hell that makes them so difficult to spearhead the life-cycle and the ecosystem of the new economic policy (NEP) strategic approach? The bloody fucking answered is very simple & straight forward, their mindset has been locked with the mentality of “The Richer Becoming More Richer & Lets The Poorer Cry Like The Dam Hell”. Another big bloody fucking answered is some of the Malay “Big Boys” group pathetically forgot from where they came, where they belong too and the roots which they supposed to look after?

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