Friday, May 15, 2009


I would like to draw the entire blogger attention & wish to exchange humble and down to earth opinion on the best mechanism to put into practice, the power as politician will create platform for you to generate more money or the best practice you have to be extremely rich before full swing as hands-on politician? Bak kata orang2 lama hang masuk politik sebab nak balun projek2 mega atau setengah-tengah pendapat pula kata kalau poket hang dah penuh berisi duit baru boleh kasi gegar & tanding jawatan dalam parti?
Even though the surface of this question seem to be simple & straight forward, if we drill down to the bottom there could be 101 solid facts to be elaborated. By hook or by crook we have to face it the era of 1946 the main-stream politics agenda is not heavily driven by materialistic & mega project conglomerate and the flagship of the main-stream politics is more towards driven by strengthen the national unity whereby establishment & the developments of multi religion & races as the top priority. In this 21 century everything single dam things has tremendously changed, the main-stream politics agenda pace has gone aggressively & passionately driven by arrogant and show-off power, materialistic & cash rich corporate network revenue generator. No differences by age group, by gender, by races or by religion the ultimate mission critical if we don’t took the opportunity than others materialistic madness willing to do it.
Young generation especially from the youth wings movement will feel something is not right in their head & I’m not preety sure whether their upper head or bottom head but I guess it could be both head if they don’t grab the opportunity to extend channel to make as much money as they can while they sit in the youth movement because direct example right infront of theie eyes the senior politician cruelly full their pocket with cash rich mega project conglomerate whether from the front door channel neither the backdoor channel. Ini yang akan membuatkan pejuang muda berasa kalau yang muda tak balun projek yang tua2 bangka ni akan lagi rakus menyamun projek2 mega.
On the other side of the case study in order to establish & forecast yourself as hands-on politician you need to have strong cash flow disbursement channel to bail out your grassroots welfare, divisional program & agenda such as “leaders outgoing to the field with people”. We don’t have to be hypocrite & it is a “Big Fucking Liar” if we are saying all this particular agenda & activities don’t required money or strong of funding contribution. In order to establish & forecast yourself as hands-on politician and leadership that are championing the people needs & wants it is easier for you to deal with your voters issue & concern if financially you are well prepared even if the allocation and disbursement from the federal government might takes a longer period to be channel out. Pengundi kalau minta bantuan depa tak minat nak dengar alasan Kerajan Pusat lambat salur!
My humble & down to earth opinion which I figure out the best solution & way forward in addressing this particular issue,
1. Be well prepared & financially secured is a good move however it doesn’t required you to be reach the stage of “Dam Extremely Rich” to establish & forecast yourself as hands-on politician and leadership that are championing the people needs & wants
2. If money wise & materialistic is not your top priority & concern anymore than automatically politics is a red carpet platform to make more money will be out from your mindset thus your main flagship in politics will be more focus on championing the people needs & wants and back to the roots whereby establishment & strengthening of multi religion & multi races as the top priority.

3. We are just normal human being, we are not an angel thus we don’t have to be hypocrite & it is a “Big Fucking Liar” if with some political connection & network we don’t desire to undertake some project which turn to be revenue generator but most importantly we have to discipline & limit our mindset, there must be a strong KPI setting up when it comes to money wise & materialistic & always remind your mindset don’t grab it too much & don’t ever be greedy until you cross your border line. Jangan sampai taksub membalun projek2 mega sehingga menghalalkan apa yang diharamkam dan merampas hak2 orang lain.

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